Scenic ntroduction

Langyashan located in Yixian County, Hebei Province, southwest, by the five lump composed of 36 peaks , peak elevation of 1105 meters lotus petals , steep mountains, steep and straight , like a choppy Megalodon Spike , named " Spike mountain . " Lotus petals peak 1105 m above sea level , on both sides of cliffs thousands of feet northwest , slightly low and southeast sides , each with a trail leading to the peak, " Yanwangbizi ", "small grimace " and other advantageous place still adherent and over. Climb mountains , peaks everywhere , towering steep , the shape of Spike , the fog stream jia misty mysterious and unpredictable .
During the war, the Japanese army raids Langyashan , as a cover for the main force to retreat, the Eighth Route Army soldiers Ma Baoyu , Ge Zhenlin , Song Xueyi , five people , fighting five hours , so after the last bullet , heroic jumping .
1942 to commemorate the Five Heroes feat peak in Langyashan chessboard Tuo Five Heroes monument built in 1958, rebuilt , Marshal Nie handwriting " Langya Five Warriors monument ." "Spike competing show " for the ancient Du Gu Jing , known as " North Little Huangshan ," said. The main landscape onyx cave , board Tuo , etc. Langyashan as national patriotism education base, a national forest park , the national one hundred classic red tourism attractions.

Five Warriors Museum

May 1993 , Langyashan tourist area was named the provincial government of Hebei Province patriotism education base , each year come to accept the patriotic education of party members , members . Soldiers, students and other souvenirs. Especially the " July" , "11" period, the old party members from the current year , Lao Balu 's special report is to attract tourists stop to listen. OO in completion in 2011 by the General Yang Chengwu personally inscribed Langyashan five warriors museum , covers 816 square meters, construction area of ??300 square meters , the museum features pictures, historical data , war relics, battle scenes and other four exhibition halls, I have vivid reproduction of Japanese soldiers and civilians under the leadership of the party , the fight against the Japanese invaders and defending the country 's heroic deeds and tragic history, but also further revealed the Japanese base areas in my heinous crimes. Oo museum was put into trial operation in May year stage , thus becoming the base for patriotic education Langyashan another revolutionary tradition education places.

Langya Five Warriors Monument
Anti-Japanese War , Langyashan famous anti-Japanese base . September 25, 1941 , Jin-Cha- one partition of a group of seven with six classes cover five main forces soldier transfer , holding 2500 people invading Japanese army on Langyashan , cunning Japanese devils thought to catch up a large military force . Ma Baoyu squad leader , deputy squad leader and warrior Lin Hu Ge Zhenlin Hu Fu-Cai , Song Xueyi 5 people, carry forward the spirit of self-sacrifice , the enemy leads to the cliff ruin. In the battle lighting up their bullets , grenades but only one , the stoned , the final event of the stone is not, they insist on a full day, we have safe transfer large forces , successfully completed the party post given task , then, they also went to the pinnacle Langyashan the face of a dense mass of devils , they dropped the last one grenade ! They smashed guns , chest toward the cliff , facing the air shouting : " Long live the Communist Party ! Folks : Farewell ! " Jump off a cliff. This is the famous Langyashan five warriors. After jumping five Warriors , Ma Baoyu , Lin Hu , Hu Fu-cai die for your country , heroic sacrifice, Ge Zhenlin , Song Xueyi branches being caught on the cliff and be saved.
January 1942 , Jinchaji a partition decision of the board lump Warriors jumping at the pinnacle of five built monument . Government support in the border region and construction workers of hard work , the three-story "Three Martyrs Monument " basically completed by the end of September in the year . Majesty majestic " three martyrs monument " inspired revolutionary people 's war determination to provoke hatred of the Japanese imperialists , always want to destroy it. September 1943 , again in the great sweep of Japanese imperialism , the " three martyrs monument " mountain artillery bombardment while the enemy was destroyed . To inherit and carry forward the five heroic deeds of warriors , 1959 Yixian people rebuilt monument , Nie personally wrote the " Langya Five Warriors monument ," the tower name. However, due to the "Cultural Revolution " and earthquake damage , the destruction of the late sixties again . Monument constructed twice , twice destroyed, but can not afford to destroy the people of five Warriors missed. The party and the government's concern , the 1986 third construction of the " Monument Langya Five Warriors ' new tower milky yellow , all reinforced concrete structure , covering 69 square meters , the base diameter of 3,06 m high 21,5 m , 5-storey tower , was a regular pentagon , gazebo -style yellow glass tower located Vata cap , tower front ( south ) embedded Nie inscribed " Langya Five Warriors Monument " 9 golden yellow characters . Five warriors relief image mosaic with the same height as the bottom side of white marble on the flag . Connected with the bottom of the tower , there is a Beilang east , eastern Beilang is a pavilion , pavilion has a hexagonal marble monument , the monument engraved with Peng Zhen , Yang Chengwu Nie , Liu Lan Tao, Chen Zhengxiang , history , etc. into the top 12 leaders person's inscription , monument surrounded by pouring steeplechase , cards room and walls .

Onyx cave
Langyashan onyx cave attractions in the western sky near the door , is April 28, 1992 by a water village three villagers found something . Langyashan entire mountain from limestone , the total number of caves constitute Langyashan a great spectacle , where the cave is found in the largest one . This hole was originally called " patio " , rumored to be the king of fairyland Zen meditation Zen ancestors , cave stalactite color, shape the unique is rare. Hole five points , from north to south oblique direction, the first layer of 30 m shaft , the second layer is a mixture of brown white stalactites stalagmites . Those stalagmites, stone pillars, milk , Shiman , became a very strange shape , some, such as fairies , some, such as Eight Immortals , some, such as Guanyin meditation, some, such as Dragon Court Yuzhu , some, such as Tallinn moonlit night, some, such as pig ears fan, hanging down numerous , colorful, encircle the middle twelve pillars , thin down the middle of thick, into a vase -shaped , covered with coral stone or daisy -like flowers. Three or four are white or amber stalactites, its shape is strange and fun. Inside there is a fossil hippocampus , 's not yet verified. The most peculiar is three pillars in a milky white body cap on a stone , under the base, six prism , resembles the mountain five warriors monument , really magical blend of space and time . Fifth floor there is an underground river watercourses , such as artificial gully , steady, under the hole, reportedly connected with the East China Sea , known as sea eyes , because the hole is too small to enter, is still a mystery .

Buddhist Door
Buddhist doors are the first to enter Langyashan closed, thereby entering Langyashan odd dangerous situation , reportedly Buddhist monastic alchemy door is the immortal , mortal and can not be arbitrarily different, and so the day will lead the Lions , Tigers guard Tianmen together . You see on the peak day will stand tall wooden club , helmet consistent , handheld broadsword , long straight temples , majestic, combative , descending from the clouds like this . Taiwanese Buddhist door one day , it is said , Lions and Tigers did compete in this prestigious position , after a fierce struggle, Lions win, the Tigers defeated .

Tuo chessboard
Checkerboard Tuo , Hebei Yixian Langya peak . Legend of Sun Bin and its master Guiguzi often in this cloth chess for fun , board lump hence the name. Now you can see on the board Tuo a unique Cooperstown it !