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Bathing beach

LangYaShan bathing beach is located in LangYaShan feet, covers an area of more than 250000 square meters, set up in 2012. LangYaShan is located in hebei province Yi Xian to XiongXian decoration, is famous for its beautiful scenery in the world, as early as two thousand years ago during the warring states period "spike TV" ducal was one of the ten views. LangYaShan longmen joy city, adjacent to the LangYaShan scenic area, sit at the AAAA level scenic area and national forest park landscape, water park, the scene construction through the theme, through the water, land, mountain play in series, in the form of realization way of theme amusement, leisure landscape with the close combination of equipment and facilities, let visitors amusement in the specific situation, in the leisure landscape and recreation system implementation experience and the experience of spiritual culture unified body.